Web Design

Web design without the hassle.

There's lots to consider when you're updating your online presence, which is why its best to bring in the experts. Need To See It can take the hassle out of web design - we'll help you identify your business goals and the most effective way to achieve them.

While we do offer web design in house, we also extend our services by partnering with some of the best web designers in the business, SWWS in South Wales and DesignWeb in North Wales.  These partnerships give us unparalleled access to design talent - meaning we can always accommodate new projects and respond quickly to design enquiries.    

Our designers are experts in creating attractive, user-friendly and responsive websites, which look great and perform perfectly whether your visitors are browsing on a computer, mobile or tablet. Our websites are designed with accessibility in mind, giving you the best chance of attracting visitors, keeping them on your website and tempting them back time and again.

Our process is simple:

  • Wireframes will be created to help outline the structure, layout, information architecture and user journey across the pages.
  • Using your wireframes, unique designs will be prepared for both desktop and mobile versions of the website, with close attention drawn to user experience.
  • An online "development" are will be created to put the designs to reality. This gives you the ability to take a look on the web before it goes live.

Don't get hung up on the details.

Web design - when done properly, can be a complicated business. Getting your project from creative concept to completion involves all kinds of specialist skills and knowledge: everything from design, layout and information architecture through to technology choice, development and content management systems.

At Need To See It, we will get hung up on those important details so you don't have to. Instead of weighing you down with all the technical jargon, we'll just give you the information you need to achieve your business aims and keep your website working to its full potential.

Our own stylish, easy to navigate sites are built entirely from our own in house content management system "Edge CMS". This makes it easy to ad and update content. You will be able to manage your site from a simple interface, even is you are a complete technophobe.  

And, because we like to offer our clients a little bit extra, we will be happy to give you training that will let you manage your website with confidence.

Finally, if you'd prefer a Wordpress site, E-Commerce or something coded from scratch just for you, our partners can accommodate exactly what you need.

Interested? Here's what we'll need from you...

It doesn't take much to get started with Need To See It.We're here to make things simple. If you're interested in our expert web design services, why not get in touch We can talk you through the process during a free no obligation chat, or you can email us with your basic requirements, such as:

  • Information about your business.
  • Pages you'll require on your website.
  • Your logo.
  • Your preferred colour scheme.
  • Images you'd like us to use.

And if there is anything you're not sure of, don't worry - we can guide you through it every step of the way, on everything from design and layout to development, maintenance and hosting.

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