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The Majority of Our Sites Accept both Sponsored Guest Posts and Content Submitted by PR Agencies.  Please note that we charge for promotional posts and sponsored guest posts, and only news is free.

We allow news submissions of up to two sites per article free of charge, however there is no guarantee either of publication, or on timescales, and we ask that you don't chase publication as this is a completely free service.



If your article is salesy or promotional, or purely written for a backlink then it is a promotional post.  The free service is strictly for business news.   To enquire about advertising with us, or a sponsored or backlink post, please contact



We accept news posts from PR agencies, but it is helpful if these are submitted via our news submissions system rather than by email.  We want to help you gain coverage for your clients and using this helps us publish more quickly.  If you can follow the following guidelines, this really helps:

  • You don't have to provide an image but if you would like us to use your image, please ensure it is landscape, not portrait or square, preferably not just logos and at least 700px wide

  • If you are cross posting across more than one site, please make each post unique rather than posting the same article on all sites.   You may only share on two news sites.

  • There is no guarantee as to how quickly your articles will be published, if you need fast coverage, please ask about our premium submissions service (unlimited submissions for 6 months with guaranteed review and publication (if accepted) within 1 working day.  Our email for PR's is


Here are the links to submit your news articles to our news sites:

Telecoms News:

(articles specifically relevant to the UK Telecoms Market)

Circulation: new site, figures not yet available

UK Tech News:

(articles targeting the UK Tech Community - NOT marketing or creative please)

Circulation: 8500 views per month

News from Wales:

(articles specifically targeting a Welsh audience, not suitable for general business content unless there is a Welsh angle)

Circulation:20,000 views per month

North Wales Business:

(business stories from North Wales, must have a North Wales angle or be from a North Wales company)

Circulation: 1,500 views per month

Employer News:

(Articles should target a professional HR/ Employment Law audience)

Circulation: 6,000 views per month

Business In The News:

(Suitable for a general business audience, accepts creative and marketing industry news)

Circulation: 2,500 views per month

SME Business News:

(Content should specifically relate to small businesses and/or small business owners)

Circulation: 2,500 views per month

Wellbeing News:

(Content should relate to health and wellbeing, if work-related should ONLY focus on the wellbeing aspect of employment)

Circulation: 2,500 views per month

Other sites

We don't have a submissions system in place for the following sites, so please email suggested content to

Healthcare Newsdesk: articles from and for the UK healthcare and medical industry

Circulation: 1,500 views per month

UK Business News: High End Thought Leadership articles targeting C-Suite and CEOs

Circulation: 1,000 views per month

Camping In Britain: UK Travel and Tourism news

Circulation: 1,000 views per month

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