Mark Baker

Founder, ICT Support & Lead Design

Since the age of 16 Mark has had a passion for web design and an uncanny talent for creating awesome websites. Mark has worked in many sectors of ICT from broadband technical support right through to .NET programming developer. On top of being NTSI's Lead Developer and Co-Founder, he holds a job as an ICT Support Engineer for a Local Government Authority. 

Prior to founding Need To See It, Mark has worked for various companies ranging from small business up to moderate and large companies like Logica CGI and Virgin Media. He really has stretched the boundaries of gaining what he can in ICT skills.

Mark is constantly expanding his portfolio of skills and loves to use them to create visually stunning websites. He combines a deep understanding of core design with a keen eye for clean modern looking websites using the latest web design standards today'says industry. Mark, along with his wife Lisa created Need To See It in 2018 which brings together two online powerhouses of web design and SEO/Marketing that have been servicing the industry individually for many years.

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It is in my honest opinion that in the not too distant future the web will be more of an experience that wont simply be consumed but thoroughly enjoyed by all. It is our pleasure to drive toward this endpoint by creating websites and services that users can fully immerse themselves in and interact with in a meaningful way, so that your visitors are left with a memorable impression.

Mark Baker | Founder, ICT Support & Lead Design

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